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Elderly Care

  • Keeping the Elderly safe is extremely challenging
  • You need innovative ways to protect residents, guests, and staff
  • Potential new customers need reassurance that it is safe to move in
  • Surveillance testing is a powerful tool to help keep CoVID-19 out of your facility

Food Production & Distribution

  • High worker density on production and packing lines create a high risk for transmission
  • Surveillance testing provides rapid results so you can┬áminimize spread and keep the lines running


  • Schools are naturally social environments that create a high risk for transmission
  • Students can infect teachers, administrators, coaches, cleaning staff, and elderly family members
  • Surveillance testing helps keep students in school and learning

Manufacturing & More

  • Maintaining social distancing can be very difficult in many working environments
  • Surveillance testing can minimize the spread of disease and keep you operating

Keep Everyone Productive

Insight Into CoVID-19