Food Production

Increasing CoVID-19 Cases

The relaxation of state restrictions and increasing CoVID-19 cases makes the risk of infection higher for everyone.  Routine surveillance testing gives you a new tool to help keep CoVID-19 out of your facility.

  • Social distancing is virtually impossible on many production lines
  • High worker density & station rotation increase risk for transmission
  • Cool temperatures in some manufacturing plants may allow the virus to remain intact longer
  • A single infected line worker can infect many others

Screening for Symptoms Isn't Enough

  • Infected people may not show symptoms for several days or even at all
  • Time-consuming and disruptive screening protocols miss pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people
  • You need results in hours, not days

Help everyone feel safer

  • Reduce anxiety, disruption, cost & liability associated with CoVID-19
  • Avoid government interference and possible shutdown

Create a Test Plan

  • CoVID-19 surveillance testing can screen large numbers of people at a reasonable cost
  • You will get help every step of the way to create a testing program that is right for you.
  • You will receive all testing materials and instructions

Keep Your Production Lines Running Smoothly

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