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COVID-19 has created special challenges for the food production and distribution industries.  High-touch surfaces on production and packing lines, high worker density, and worker rotation between stations, all create a high risk for transmission of the virus. The compact nature of many production lines makes social distancing virtually impossible.  In addition, cool temperatures in some manufacturing plants may allow the virus to remain intact longer.

There is also evidence that a significant number of people infected with the virus do not show symptoms for several days or even at all.  This means that even time-consuming and costly screening of employees for symptoms when they arrive for work is unlikely to keep all infected people out.   These factors can lead to high rates of infection among your employees and result in costly sick-leave as well as reduced production.  Fear of infection may also make it hard to find employees willing to work in a facility.


Surface testing for the virus is the answer.  It can provide an early warning that the virus has entered your production lines, cafeteria, locker rooms or bathrooms.  This information enables you to take quick action to minimize its spread and investigate its source. Surface testing can also be used to validate that your cleaning program is effectively removing the virus and keeping your employees safe.  It also lets your employees know that you care about them and are doing everything possible to keep them healthy.

Our experts will guide you every step of the way to create a testing program that is right for your facility.  We will advise you on where and when to test, and what to do if the virus is detected.  We can collect the samples for you or train your team to collect samples.  We provide all testing materials and you will receive test results in a matter of hours so you can respond quickly to maintain a safe and healthy production facility.  Let our experts focus on the virus so you can focus on keeping your production lines running smoothly.

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