Elderly Care Surface Testing

Keeping Your Facility Operating Safely at Full Capacity

COVID-19 has made operating an elderly care facility especially challenging.  You need ways to keep residents, families, guests, and staff as safe as possible while operating at full capacity.  Potential new customers need reassurance that it is safe to place their loved ones in your care.  Keeping residents in quarantine indefinitely is not the answer as connection and socialization is vital to the mental and physical health of your residents.

Implementing a surface testing plan for the COVID-19 virus or other infectious agents will give you the crucial information you need.  Test results are delivered to you in a matter of hours so you can take action, possibly before anyone presents symptoms.  Quick action is the key to minimizing the potential impact on your community.  Residents and the families that love them will see your surface testing as a distinguishing service of your facility over other elderly care options.

Potential Sources of COVID-19 Virus

    • Staff – You cannot operate your facility without the staff in close contact with residents.  As restrictions soften, the possibility that your staff members will become exposed outside of work increases.  The CDC reports that a high percentage of people infected with COVID-19 don't have symptoms.  This means your staff can bring in the virus without even knowing it.  Surface testing for the virus in staff areas can help you catch contagious staff members early.
    • Guests – It is important for the health of your residents that they continue to be able to connect with families and friends. But guests can unintentionally bring the virus into your facility. Testing can provide an early warning if this should happen.
    • Residents – Residents may periodically leave your facility to visit family, go shopping, or to enjoy other excursions. If they are exposed, they could expose other residents in common areas when they return.  Residents most vulnerable to severe illness are often concentrated in close quarters where social distancing is difficult.

You want your facility to be a safe and welcoming environment where residents and their loved ones can see one another and be assured that all steps possible are being taken to maintain their heath.

A testing regimen can give you a prompt indication if anyone should bring the virus into your facility.  It can also validate cleaning and disinfection procedures.  This will reassure residents and staff alike and can be crucial to your facility remaining as open as possible.

Helping You Create a Test Plan and More

Our experts will guide you every step of the way to create a testing program that is right for your facility.  We will consult with you about where and when to test, and what to do if the virus is detected.  You will receive all testing materials and get results back in a matter of hours once we receive your samples so you can respond quickly.  You also have options to test for other potential threats like norovirus.  Your test plan can even be adapted throughout the year as seasonal or new threats emerge.  With our expert help to monitor for infectious agents,  you can keep your attention focused where it needs to be, on helping your residents live happy, fulfilled lives.

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