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Dr. Laura Kavanaugh founded Genome Insights to use the latest in DNA sequencing technology to help businesses and individuals understand the microbiomes around us.

As a company we are focused on serving the compost industry because we know that compost is the key ingredient to regenerative agriculture, landscapes, lawns and soils everywhere. 

But we also know that the compost industry is underserved by the research and development space.  It is all too often looked at as a waste disposal business rather than an industry that produces products crucial to our agricultural future.

We are dedicated to helping composters be more than waste processors. Composters produce a valuable product and we want to help you grow your business by demonstrating that to your customers

As we gather more data and improve our ability to identify the incredible amount of life in soils and compost, our ability to add value to your business will grow.

Dr. Laura Kavanaugh is an engineer, scientist and entrepreneur. She has degrees in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and holds a Ph.D. from the University Program in Genetics and Genomics from Duke University. She has had a varied and extensive career which includes over 13 years working in the Space Shuttle Mission Control Center in Houston, TX and over 10 years working for Syngenta Biotechnology in Research Triangle Park, NC, working on bioinformatics, DNA sequencing, and soil microbes.   She has also overseen the compost and liquid biological amendment operations for Union Grove Farm Vineyard in Chapel Hill, NC.  She is also the Chief Science Officer for Advancing Eco Agriculture, one of the leading voices in the regenerative agriculture movement. 


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