What is Surveillance Testing?

  • Looks for CoVID-19 in groups of people to support health management decisions
  • Used to test employees, students, teachers, elderly, sports teams, etc.
  • Easily collect samples as people enter and get results in < 4 hours
  • Highly sensitive test can alert you before symptoms appear
  • Reduce anxiety, disruption, cost & liability associated with CoVID-19
  • Helping everyone get a little closer to “normal”

How It Works


Simple Saliva Test

  • No one likes a stick up the nose
  • So simple even a child can do it
  • Fast self-collection avoids disruptions
  • Sample collection services available so you don’t need to involve your staff

Results in Hours, Not Days

  • Local labs (Charlotte, Triad, Durham, NC)
  • Rapid results are key to effective management
  • Results in < 4 hours following sample pickup

If CoVID-19 Detected

  • Stop group interactions
  • Perform individual diagnostic testing
  • Clean area

Who Could Benefit from Surveillance Testing?

  • Elderly Care
  • Screen visitors BEFORE visits
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Essential office workers

  • Production Lines
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Stations
  • Prisons

  • Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • In-Home Care Providers
  • Physical Therapy Clinics

Ready to Get Started?

Free Expert Advice to help you set up a surveillance program that is just right for you

Fast Results in < 4 hours in Charlotte, Triad & Durham, NC.  Contact us  if outside this area.

Economical at only about $20/person (varies based on program design)

Sampling Services Available so you don't need to train or involve your staff if you don't want to