Providing insight into your living product

  • Determine the microbes that are active  in your process
  • Determine the microbes that you are delivering to your customers

What does DNA sequencing do for my business 

It allows you measure and manage

  • Consistency

    • You want to produce a consistent product
  • Validation

    • You will know what microbes are present in your product.
  • Differentiation

    • By providing a product with known biology, you separate your product from low-grade compost

Gain insight into your process

  • Composting is a living process

    • Determine what you are bring into the process
    • Determine how the microbes are affecting your product
    • Determine what you are delivering to your customers

We Work With You

You are Unique

  • Every composter has different environments and needs
    • Feedstocks
    • Climate & environment
    • Process
    • Target Customer

Let us work with you to set up a level of service that meets your needs

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